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Under the occupational health and safety act, ELYWIN WEALTH NIGERIA LIMITED (EWNL) has an obligation to provide a safe working environment for all employees. The right of individuals to drink and take drugs socially is acknowledged, but when work performance suffers or individuals are endangered, then some action must be taken. Employees should not be adversely affected by alcohol or drug use during working hours and must at all times carry out their duties and responsibilities in a safe manner.

The company supports good management practice and will achieve this by implementing a drug and alcohol policy, which will provide:-

Education and Information

Alcohol and illicit drugs shall not be consumed on company premises, in company cars, or in any time as paid employees of the company.

No alcohol shall be consumed prior to commencing duty, particularly if required to drive a vehicle or operate machinery.

All staff members (including new employees) will be provided with education about the effects of drugs and alcohol prior to policy implementation, and on an on-going basis.

Organizational support / Grievances

This is important as alcohol related injuries that occur as a result of work functions can be considered the responsibility of employers.

Any individual who is adversely affected by alcohol or other drugs will not be allowed to work and disciplinary action may be taken.

Support for prevention by enabling access to treatment and rehabilitation services. Employees should see their supervisor for treatment arrangements.

Workplace Assessment

All employees have a responsibility to identify conditions in their work environment that contribute to drug and alcohol problems. If an alcohol issue is noted in the workplace then normal occupational health and safety procedures shall follow.


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